Saturday, February 5, 2011


Our family is forever thankful for the work the District Attorney did in bringing George Hayden to justice.
No one thought that they would be able to convict George, we knew all along that there would be a guilty verdict. When George's trial was over, the feeling was that you were going after Vicky aggressively, the enthusiasm was high… now we hear that you don't feel you have enough evidence to convict Vicky, thanks to Gill being untruthful, what a shock there. If we don't try we will never know and our family definitely prays for that day.

The justice for Billy is only partly complete. Two others helped murder him and they have walked free for 38 years, we are asking the state to continue to pursue the case against the other two, that participated in this senseless murder.

NO ONE SHOULD GET AWAY WITH MURDER:You CANNOT take a life and not expect to pay for it in one way or another..there is no escaping the Day of Judgment. It is an appointment that we all must attend. We will not be able to call up God and give him an excuse on why we can’t make it. We cannot call In sick. We MUST all attend. Some people will be excited on that day and others will be fearful, but that day is coming.

As a friend of my stated: “We need to switch the batteries of our mind from fear to faith, from panic to calmness, by realizing that God is busy working his orchestrations in order to answer our prayers,… all in God’s time.

We will not give up fighting for justice, we always have had faith knowing that good conquers evil.

We know the truth, your friends know the cannot hide from the truth!


  1. All charges against Rodger have been dropped-JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED FOR HIM!

  2. maybe Gill isnt the one who lied.There were others who seem to be lying too.I believe God will take care of all as they deserve.He is the One who knows All

  3. Yes, he does know all and born again Christian Rodger will certainly pay, isn't he a great example? As stated, no one can get away with murder...
    Evidently you are constantly being lied to also. Rodger has helped another person get away with murder, he must be so proud!

  4. Rodger has done no such thing and I really wonder if George and Vickie did anything. I pray you all have peace and get what you are calling justice.

  5. If you truly mean what you say and you pray we have peace and get what we are calling justice, then we hope so too, we hope justice is served for both Vicky and Roger.
    How can you possibly believe that Roger had no part of the crime when he told detectives that he did.
    Roger was befriended by William, he allowed Roger to move into his home with him and his family, how can Roger live with himself knowing he was part of the plot to kill him. How does he deal with the pain he had to endure by actually seeing a young Marine, a friend, a man who had a family murdered before his eyes?
    A normal person would have nightmares. Evidently Vicky has demons to deal with seeing the life she has led.
    You can't fool God and someday Roger will meet his just judge. You would think that if he was truly the Christian he claims to be, he would tell the truth, because the truth is the only thing that sets you free.
    Who know maybe George will squeal in prison, he may be lonesome in there. If he does Roger and Vicky will be visiting him.
    Make no mistake about it, we will not stop pursuing what we call justice.

  6. How do you know what Rodger said where you there?I was not there either but have a copy of his supposed confession.Not once does he say he was there or had any part of it.He was friends with William not George and Vickie.He dated Bonnie not Vickie

  7. This whole thing is amazing to me. Rodger did his part and said right in the court room that he seen George with the gun and that he had warned Bill. Why are you so sure that Bonnie is telling the truth? What she said is hearsay and there is absolutely no proof that Rodger admitted anything to her. Rodger did his part and told what he knew, that is how he sleeps at night, he has nothing to feel guilty for. He was a friend to Bill and tried to help him and his statements said from his first deposition that he warned Bill to be careful. Does that really sound like someone that was involved in the actual murder. One question I have asked all along is "what did Rodger have to gain by killing Bill"? We all know Vicki and George ended up with each other and what ever benefits were left to her, but what benefit did Rodger get from all of this? I would also like to know where the idea came from that he admitted to the detectives that he had a part in it...
    Rodger served a long time in jail, away from his family and friends for something he did not do and that there a horrible punishment for someone that told the truth!!!!

  8. Funny, I’m copying from the transcript:
    Question: Okay: I asked you this before,but did you see anyone else at the scene? Do you remember anyone else At the scene besides you, Vickie and George? Answer: No, Question: okay, you see a flash suppresser going towards Bill’s head
    Answer: Flasher suppresser is going to Bill’s head. Vickie is in the front of me here.
    Question: Okay
    Answer: she’s screaming shoot him, shoot the M F’er again.


  9. This is a movie version he was aked if he was a movie dirctor how did he see it go down.
    He was telling it as a movie besides when the scene is described it is so totally off from the police records If he was there He would have describe the scene better

  10. I am sorry I do not want anyone to hurt.I only know that the so called confession is only about 4 hours long I also know that that interview was about 12 hours long with about 3 more hours the next day Where is the rest of that interview if I heard everything said between the three men in that interview I might believe differently but I know how long Rodger was gone and I also know he is not lying to me.I truly am sorry for your loss and hope someday the truth comes out as too many people have been hurt enough .God bless you all and give you the peace you deserve

  11. You can either live your lives in denial or you can put a question in your mind. Why did Roger tell the detectives that he WAS THERE? If he was not there, then how could he tell the detectives that Vicky screamed to shoot him again?
    Nobody wants to believe that someone they loved could hurt, much less kill someone, but alas it happens.
    How could anyone kill someone who they susposedly befriended? Don't you ever read the news? Mothers kill their own kids, kids kill their own parents and so the list goes on.
    I pray George has the guts to tell the rest of the truth and if he does, will you still be at peace with Roger?
    You keep telling us to be at peace. Would you be at peace if someone killed your son or daughter? I wonder if your answer to the killers family would be the same.

  12. I am very much at peace because I beleve evrything Rodger told me and so is Rodger. He has done noyhing to feel guilty about and prays everyday for the real truth to come out Maybe it will someday and maybe it will be as you want and if that happens I will admit I was wrong but as it stand I will stand behind Rodger.

  13. Thank you for praying for the truth to come out, it always does. I marvel at your dedication to Roger, if only he knew how blessed he was to have someone truly love him.
    Admitting you did something wrong is the first step to becoming a Christian. "Pick up your cross daily and follow me."
    God's peace.

  14. I also wanted to comment on you believing everything that Roger tells you. If you are the Christian you profess to be, there is only one person you need to put your trust in and that person is not Roger.
    I am sure that George felt he was would stay free also. Amazing what prayers can do. We prayed for justice for Billy and God performed a miracle, 38 years later George is behind bars and now hopefully he is begging for God's mercy.
    I promised God that if George was found guilty I would pray for him continually and I have kept that promise. I also pray for Roger and Vicky and I will not stop.
    If you care about Rogers soul, then you need to pray for God to bring the truth out because it's the only thing that truly matters. Roger may be able to fool you and fool other people, but he cannot fool God.

  15. I pray daily for the truth and know that Rodger did nothing wrong.

  16. Why do you pray daily for the truth if you think you already have it?
    True Christians only worship God, no other. You've read in scripture I am sure, God is a jealous God.
    The truth always comes out, we can only hide for so long, it always comes back to haunt us.
    If only you knew William and what a special gift from God he was, and if you did know him you would know why we continue our struggle for justice.
    I feel in my heart that if you were in our place you would be doing the very same thing.

  17. As the old saying can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool every body all of the time. Vickie & Rodger can only fool people for so long. Friends,neighbors & even strangers that have read or heard about Billy's murder and know who Vickie & Rodger are in the towns they live in, will always have doubt about them in the back of their minds.Rodger & Vickie can't be foolish enough to think this is over.waking up every morning wondering if they will be put in jail again. How can one live a life to it's fullest? Well it's impossible.

  18. Thanks for your comment. You are right, friends, neighbors, strangers, and even family members who have read about Billy's murder, will have doubts in their minds.
    I believe in my heart that they have all been in prison since the crime was committed worrying that one day they would have to face the piper. Now since George is in prison it makes the worry more credible.

  19. Friends and family of Rodgers here know He had nothing to do with this and we are not worried about him going back to jail because he did nothing

  20. You keep saying that over and over. Evidently you have not convinced yourself of it.
    You truly believe he had nothing to do with it? How could anyone after hearing or reading the testimony believe that?
    As I said before the truth always comes out and that is the only thing that will truly bring Roger and his family to peace.
    I want to add also you said he did nothing, you are correct in saying that, he did nothing to protect his friend from being murdered.

  21. if all the interview were there it would be a different story but it seems that only what they say is a confession is available He was with them for a least 16 hours who knows what was done with any recordings when only about 4 hours are available

  22. It would'nt matter if there were a thousand hours, he confessed to being at the scene with Vicky, what don't you get about that? If you say he tells the truth, then why don't you believe his testimony when he said he was there? He changes his story to suit anyone who wants to believe him, and I guess that is you.
    For someone who was not at the scene of the crime, he described it pretty well. Do you think he dreamed the whole thing up? A young man was killed and right before the eyes of the man you live with. How does he live with himself? Does he have nightmares? Does he have remorse for what he did or didn't do? If he does not have remorse that is pretty scary.

  23. You are not worth arguig with you believe your story and Ill believe my husband

  24. I will always believe my story. I just pray you open you eyes to the truth.
    I pray God gives you the peace you seek