Thursday, April 14, 2011


"Victims do not choose to be victims" To be a victim is an unforgettable nightmare but to become a victim at the hands of the criminal justice system is an unforgivable travesty. ""Somewhere along the way, the criminal justice system began to serve lawyers, judges and defendants. Victims are treated with institutionalized disinterest. "The neglect of crime victims is a national disgrace "

L. H. Harrington, President's Task Force on Victims of Crime

There are countless victims out there, be it murder victims, sexual assault victims or violent crime victims of any kind, they are victims not by any fault of their own, but by circumstance. It’s never by choice they are hurting, wanting to talk with someone who understands what they are experiencing, but have no idea where to start..they need someone to listen.. Victims of crime are really overlooked in the policing and criminal justice systems, trying to navigate through it all is a nightmare, but, once ‘you know’ what it’s really like to be a victim of violent crime, you have a choice – roll over, or get up and fight. if you can’t fight for yourself, fight for the next victim’s rights. If people who can, don’t, then the bad guys win!’ And the bad guys are winning!

It does not matter if the crime happened yesterday, last week, a year ago, or 38 years ago, the wound hurts, it is always there, we can forgive which is what God teaches us to do, but we cannot forget..We need someone to talk to that relates to our situation. Trying to find help for victim’s families is a nightmare , I finally found an advocate who put me in touch with another advocate who gave me support during and after the trial.. Help for families is not an easy road to travel..but if you find that one person who cares, doors open.

With God’s help, Deacon Henkel of St. Maximilian Kolbe Catholic Community in Houston, is looking into the possibility of starting a support group with passion and respect, that assists in giving this much needed support..

Please help us by praying for the success of this opportunity..


  1. I will be praying for the success of this opportunity, it's so so needed. So many people in pain and no where to go for help & support.

    In Jesus!