Thursday, December 9, 2010


I previously had an article on the cold case of Sara Smart, who was murdered in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Her body was found stuffed in a barrel and placed in a pond. Her step father at the time is the main suspect, however he is in prison for a different charge and still no justice for Sara. Through this horrible loss, I became acquainted with Tommye Allen. Her daughter was the best friend of Sara, and Tommye has kept up the fight for justice.
She heads a prayer group that has given me so much support with Billy's case.

Her husband has been battling cancer and during one of their recent trips to the MD Anderson Hospital in Houston she sent me this beautiful response. I wanted to share with you all, as it is beautifully written with love:

Last night on the flight from Houston where Steve had tests at MD Anderson (praise God the tumors are gone) on the flight we were privileged to be on the airplane with the body of a soldier killed in Afghanistan. The color guard was on the plane with us also. Upon landing in Tulsa, everyone on the plane sat in silence as the color guards exited the plane, removed the casket from the cargo, marched in silence and respect as they ushered the heroic body into the presence of the waiting family sitting in cars who were accompanied by police cars with flashing lights, an ambulance with flashing lights, and a hearse.

After the awesome happening took place, the passengers on the plane exited the plane in silence and respect. All of this happened in the dark of night with only the flashing lights of the vehicles and the lights of the plane. What a wonderful experience to be a part of. However, it reaffirmed to me the horrors of war, that death is always a result of it, and families on both sides of the battle are changed forever.

Steve had a melancholy reaction because it brought back to him all remembrances of the death of his brother Morris during World War II. His mother never got over it because Morris' body was buried in France. His mother never forgave the Germans for killing her son. When Steve sees visual events like this, he still hears the deep, gut wrenching wails of his mother from her room for days and days after receiving the news that Morris had been killed. Yes, he gave his life for his country so that others might be free, but his mother was never free of the grief.

Then I realized that all the people we saw in Houston at MD Anderson are fighting their own wars, battles against cancer. They have loved ones and friends who are standing by them in support and prayers, just like the soldier did. Some of them will eventually succumb to the demon of cancer just like the soldier had to yield to death by the demon of war. They are all heroes in my eyes, the soldier in uniform in the casket and the brave soldiers fighting cancer evidenced by their bald heads, oxygen masks, masked mouths and noses, gloved hands, wheel chairs, chemo poles and frail bodies. They are all heroes to me.

GOD, PLEASE FREE US FROM THE EFFECTS OF ALL WARS, the wars for power by countries and the wars instigated by all diseases.

HEY, HE DID. AND THAT'S THE MESSAGE OF CHRISTMAS, THAT HE SENT HIS SON INTO THE EARTH SO THAT HE MIGHT THEN SEND HIS POWER INTO THE EARTH IN THE PERSON OF HIS HOLY SPIRIT to heal diseases, bring peace to all men, to comfort the broken hearted and to set the captives of addictions free. If we would only yield ourselves to His power we would end all the devastation. We've dropped the ball, God hasn't.... Tommye


  1. Crazily, a man by the name of William Miller was shot 3 times in the head and 3 times in the back in the Philippines yesterday, at 1pm. A cruel twist of fate, if ever there was one.

  2. Wow!! The charges were dropped against Rodger Gill and Vickie Babbitt

  3. I was not aware this had happened... Vickie Babbitt was free of all charges? How does that happen?
    Diane Ogden...

  4. A miscarage of justice...we will continue to fight!

  5. Wow, what an incredible story.
    Life is such an incredible gift from God, if only we could all accept that gift.
    Tangible gifts that are lost are so very sad, and yes sometimes we wretch in pain with the tragedy of losing someone to murder or disease, but we also need to mourn for those innocent lives lost to abortion and for the mothers that mourn for allowing it to happen.