Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Murder Wall...Honoring Their Memories- Parents of Murdered Children….
“Is anger the
pain or is pain
the anger?”
—Susan Suppell

We have given Billy the honor of being added to the Parents of Murdered Children’s Murder Wall. Next month marks the 38th anniversary of his death.
God tells us that he will not test us beyond our ability to stand a trial. He also says there is a resurrection and that our loved ones will stand again . It makes it much easier, while we dry our tears and try to recover from our devastation, to know the divine purpose God has for all humanity and that we will see our loved ones again.
The reality of murder delivers a powerful blow to surviving loved ones. It knocks us to our knees and leaves us baffled, it does not fade with the passing years.

I always believed that “good outweighed “bad” and criminals, especially violent cold blooded killers, were not above the will of God or beyond the law. I never doubted that justice would prevail. The Law rights the wrongs in society and punishes the criminals....but justice is not always that simple, sadly it is often the experience of many murder victims’ families who find themselves thrown into the difficult world of the Criminal Justice System and the nightmare of trying to navigate through it impossible.

For almost 38 years, I have felt that the criminal justice system let my brother down as well as our family. As the years passed after his death, my family and I felt betrayed, ignored, hopeless, anger and above all, let down by a system that should have protected.

With a jury finally finding George Hayden guilty of murder, I find that the system does work, maybe not in our timeline, but it does work! I now understand the frustration of the detectives, NCIS agents and everyone connected with the justice system trying to get the District Attorney to agree that indeed there was enough evidence to take the case to a Grand Jury .
'GUILTY" is worth all the waiting, disappointments and frustrations … now on to the second phase, and the Justice System will again do its job.... We have faith, without a doubt!!

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