Saturday, August 7, 2010


I was just informed that George has been moved from Central Prison to Marion Prison where he is serving life. He has to serve 20 years before being considered for probation....

This seems so surreal after waiting all these years, we are now approaching the 38th anniversary of Billy's murder. It is agony again waiting for the second phase, but now it is only a matter of months, not years!

Vickie, you will soon have to answer for your involvement!


  1. Oh wow, so he was found guilty?

  2. No, he was found guilty, wow!
    This man walked free for 36 years, he brutally murdered a human being, a Marine that defended our country, a son, a father, a brother, a grandfather. justice was long overdue. I just pray that this never happens to anyone in your family, but if it does, I hope no one says, "So what?"

  3. just take a look at that beautiful face, a face of a murderer

  4. Rot in hell george! Bubbas gonna be pole diving right into your butt! Lol! Hope their making your shine the toiletd w your tongue. Whats wrong george is your mouth sore? Get use to it, cause youll end up someone elses lil bitch!

  5. What an ugly grimmaced face! Lawd he reminds me of the movie TROLL! Creepiest sight! Oh well his boyfriend aint lookin for much of anything but a pretty useful mouth!