Wednesday, July 29, 2009


This is totally unbelievable!! As the family of the victim, we are wondering how we are going
to handle the financial burden of attending three trials. We will have to provide for plane fare, lodging, food and lost of income from employment.
Of course his wife thinks he he totally innocent, I doubt he would discuss what happened years ago with her or anyone else. They have been married a total of four whole years, yes, I am sure she knows him very well! Funny when criminals are caught they are all innocent!!
Now that he is in jail, we are supposed to feel sorry for him? What about our family?
Do we have pity on him?? No! We have pity on his family and what he has done to them.
I cannot condone the newspaper publishing a request for money to raise funds for bail. The tax payers of North Carolina are already paying for his attorney. LINDELL KAY
The wife of an Illinois man arrested earlier this year and awaiting trial in the Onslow County Jail for the 1972 shooting death of a Camp Lejeune Marine is asking for help in raising money to pay his bond.
“Rodger did not have anything to do with this murder,” Bobbi Gill, the wife of Rodger Gill said. Rodger Gill was arrested by Illinois authorities and turned over to the Onslow County Sheriff’s Department in January after a grand jury indicted him on first-degree murder charges in the death of William Miller 37 year ago.
“Rodger and I have been married for four years and he is a kind and caring man,” Bobbi Gill said
Rodger Gill’s co-defendants both received bonds in the hundreds of thousands but were able to put up property as collateral and have been out of jail for several months. An Onslow County judge set Gill’s bond at $200,000 — an amount his family said they cannot afford.
“It's with great sadness that I write this but, we are in need of financial assistant,” Bobbi Gill said last week in an e-mail to The Daily News.
She said it is not fair that her husband’s co-defendants get to make bail while Rodger Gill — who she said has cooperated in every way with law enforcement — is still locked up.
Gill was brought to the attention of cold case investigators when a former fiancĂ©e of his told Sheriff’s detectives last year that Gill was present on Western Boulevard in September 1972 when Miller was gunned down.
“Bill and I were friends,” Rodger Gill told The Daily News earlier this year in a statement passed along by his attorney, Bill Gerrans.
In the statement, Rodger Gill said he was stationed with Miller at Camp Lejeune and lived with Miller and Miller’s wife Vickie in their home.
Vickie Babbitt has also been charged in Miller’s death. Investigators believe Vickie helped another then-Marine George Hayden — a former Cape Carteret police chief — to lure Miller to his death.
Miller was shot in the back and head with an M-16, according to crime scene and medical reports.
Babbitt and Hayden attended Miller’s funeral together and were married four months after Miller’s death. They later divorced.
Babbitt and Hayden both passed polygraph tests administered by Naval Criminal Investigative Services concerning Miller’s death, according to information provided by the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Office.
Investigators claim Gill made incriminating statements during 2008 interviews that make him culpable in Miller’s death, said Dewey Hudson, the district attorney for the Fourth Prosecutorial District, which includes Onslow County.
“I did not shoot Bill Miller,” Rodger Gill said in his statement. “I was not involved in any plan or conspiracy to harm Bill Miller, nor did I participate in any such act. I have had no contact with Vickie Miller Hayden Babbitt or George Hayden in more than 35 years.”
Rodger Gill was arrested on the way out of an Illinois hospital after knee surgery.
“I have not received the rehabilitation treatment I needed for my knee,” Gill said. “I fear my knee may never heal.”
While in jail, Gill was bitten by a brown recluse spider and had to be hospitalized, according to family


  1. I have been trying to remember Wendy's last name and for the life of me I can't. I tried to keep her up to date with the jdnews here in CL, NC. I deleted my myspace, so haven't been able to. I'm glad you saw this and posted it. I linked your page and told people to read it and then decide if their money is worth it! I won't be helping her do anything. My husband is a Marine and this story hits close to my heart. Please let Wendy know I have been thinking and praying for y'all. I pray God blesses y'all and you get the justice and closure y'all and Sgt. Miller deserve. Take care and Semper Fi.

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