Monday, August 31, 2009


As we await three trials, it is not easy to be patient; we find it impossible to process the grief, anger and loss while the wheels of justice are slowly grinding, especially after waiting almost 37 years.

First, let me say, that we are not heartless, or crooks as some have labeled us. The families of the accused are angry at us for perusing our brother’s death; we are only doing what any other family would do for their loved ones.

Or brother died an ugly, brutal and horrifying death. His murder was not only savage, but it was filled with horrifying details, details that we know by heart, because we have played them time and again.

Our feelings are so big, consuming and overwhelming that we can only experience them a little at a time, new wounds have been opened. We cannot allow ourselves to process any more, we have to conserve all of our emotional strength,in order to have enough, to get through all that the criminal justice system demands.

All we feel for the defendants is sorrow; they have succeeded not only in delivering an unbearable loss to our family. Their families as well are left with confusion, loss and pain. They are left with the impossible task of trying to hold their family together all while waiting for answers. Our prayers go out to them.

We want all of you to cherish your loved ones and friends like there is no tomorrow.

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  1. Billy,
    I cannot speak for the other families of the accused, but I can speak on behalf of the Gill family. None of us are angry at you for pursuing your brothers death, as a matter of fact we applaud you for your efforts. But at the same time as you seek justice for for your loved one, we are also seeking justice for ours. Our belief in his innocence is what we are holding on to. we pray as you do that this comes to a close for your family as well as ours, Rodger has spent a long time away from our family as it is and to be found not guilty could never justify the time that has been lost. We wish this to end for you and your family as well as all others involved.