Friday, July 24, 2009


A parents grief is boundless. It touches every aspect as they grieve for the rest of their lives. Their grief becomes part of them...They live with an empty space.

Through my journey of telling Billy's story, I have encountered many many kind people, who share their prayers and stories. It opened me to the hurt and helplessness one feels when their loved ones are taken in horrible ways, by uncaring sociopaths. Even after the murder, the hurt that effects families, as the years go by, continues to grow.

One story that touched my heart was the senseless murder of beautiful Sara Smart. Her story was brought to my attention through the prayer group of Tommye Allen, a friend of the mother in law of Billy's daughter. Tommye's daughter was Sara's best friend.
Sara was murdered in Muskogee, Oklahoma by her stepfather, who placed her body in a 55 gal. barrel. The barrel was deposited in a pond which formerly belonged to the stepfather, they searched for her until a year later, her body was discovered . Her stepfather who had been in jail on other charges, was formally charged in Sara's murder on July 1 . The father of the victim (Sara) committed suicide as a result of grief last year, and Sara's brother died of an accidental drug overdose. Three deaths in less than two years in that family seems unbelievable, as I stated the list of people suffering from a senseless murder keeps growing. This family needs your prayers and Sara needs justice. The following are two links to the story, please keep her in your heart.

The second story that I found a connection to was of Denise Huber, her father Dennis, went to high school with me. After hearing about Billy, he contacted me and recounted the horrifying murder of his beautiful daughter Denise, who disappeared one evening after getting a flat tire. They searched for three years until her frozen body was found in a freezer at the killers house.
The horror these parents had to endure, there are no words to describe. Please pray for the families of these girls, there is no closure for them.
Denise received a long awaited justice, Sara has not.

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  1. Thank God this case is moving forward & this psycho is in jail where he can't hurt anybody.
    I will continue to follow this story as the defendant has an aragnment coming up in Aug. My prayers go out to Sarah for justice & the family as they will have many ups & downs as this case continues to move forward.