Saturday, January 31, 2009


Tamara and Kimerly with Keith Morrison of Dateline,
which incidentally wrapped up filming on Friday the 29th, as we look forward to
air time hopefully in March, the story continues….

This picture makes me ponder about how all this has changed the lives of so many involved, directly or indirectly. We all want justice and we are certainly ALL becoming impatient.
I can’t help but know how proud Billy is of his three daughters, in spite of terrible odds, they have turned out to be beautiful strong women.
Aunt Sharron is like a mother hen with them and know how, against the odds, they have struggled to survive and make their way, without their dad. Wendy in a complicated life created by her mother, has blossomed into a beautiful flower. Despite the odds of a teenage marriage, to husband Dave, who by the way, has given Wendy positive support, they have held fast and just celebrated their 20th anniversary, I am so proud of them. Son William named after his grandfather and daughter Ashley, two children who would make any parent proud.
Then there are Tamara and Kimberly, which in addition to being without their dad , lost their mother too early to a horrible illness.
These girls now have children of their own, Tamara has husband Chad, who is a gem,
he is what husbands are all about. She has son Tyler, daughter kennede and twin
daughters Karsyn and Camryn, almost like triplets, as they are a year younger than Kennede. Kimberly and her children Alex and Marlee, darling loving additions to the Miller Family.
I look at how our family has grown; the “Six Little Millers” are now five, children and grandchildren have been added to this bunch, we have stayed a close family with love and respect. We have all gone our separate ways and are spread throughout the United States, but our hearts are strong and we stay close thanks to this new thing called “the internet”. .
I look at my two beautiful daughters Dee Dee and Dawn, my grandchildren Jayna and
Derek and devoted son-in-law Steve. I am blessed and could not be more proud, I certainly did something right in my life! Finding my loving husband Jay was frosting on the cake.

My other nieces and nephews and their families are growing leaps and bounds, Brother Charley and nephew Ian who proudly serves in Afghanistan and who is scheduled to return soon (thank God) and his beautiful daughter Ellen. Brother David, wife Debbie and daughter Rebecca and now a new Grandchild little Charley, what a gift he is!
Sister Georgia and her better half, another Jay, he has to be okay in my book. What a great family they have, daughter Valerie and husband Yves, with grandchildren Emily, my mothers namesake and Livia and Nathan. Son Kenneth and wife Lisa with sons Glynn and Willem. My sister is so blessed she has all her family so close, but then they all have a gem in Georgia.
And last but not least my dear sister Bonnie and husband Dean, she has been
my rock, we are so alike. Her daughter Kristin, who is my third “daughter” she is so appreciated.! She has daughter Sherae and son Christopher. Their son Father Dean
is a Catholic Priest and a more loving sincere person would be hard to find, I admire his faith.
Well, there it is, the entire cast of the Miller family. As I stated previously, we are one
tough bunch, we give each other love and support and are the extended voices for
Billy and yes, you can tell how proud I am of all of them!

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  1. Wonderful information about the family. Families are the fabric of society and yours is staying strong through the generations.

    I wasn't able to post a comment about what my thoughts are about Vickie and George being out on bond. Somehow I didn't quite understand how to do it. So, I can comment here. It is a shame they are out, but it is our system. I hope this can go speedily to trial. I know the courts are logjammed, but the day of reckoning will come sooner or later. I think Bonnie Sharpe did the right thing. She said (in the 'Daily News') that the accuseds knew who she was anyway. Well, I suppose they do because it is our right to face our accusers, although just when that 'facing' is done is unclear to me. I am sure Bonnie has suffered terribly over the years and even though having it in the open must also be painful, it is probably like having a deep-seated abcess removed. Very sore while it heals, but the underlying problem is gone.

    I don't know much about Rodger Gill. I am not sure just what happened, and why he didn't go to LE at the time. BUT, of course, if he had been threatened he might have felt silence was his best course. I don't know the law in NC at all so I don't know what it was in his statement that causesd the DA to charge him.

    The Dateline story mentioned the possibility that Wendy was in Vickie's arms and that's why Bill got out of the car as he must have done. I sincerely hope that an innocent baby was not dragged into harm's way. We may or may not find out.