Friday, January 23, 2009


We now see a picture of this man who witnessed a horrible murder and did nothing and I use the word MAN loosely. In his own words, he saw Vickie flag Billy down and George shoot him, what was his part in this whole set up? Through all of my years of trying to get information as to this act and running into brick walls, I now know what a farce the investigation was back then. Why was Gill not a person of interest? Why was the babysitter and her parents not interviewed? Why was the fact that both George and Vickie not having an alibi and statements that did not mesh looked into more thoroughly? How did a person of interst become a police chief?

Here I go again-- that will all come out, I am just thankful that this time around, Bonnie came forward, that NCIS and Sheriff Brown and his detectives worked together for the purpose of putting this to rest. I might add, wonderful police strategy! Then the fact that Lindell Kay took this story and ran with it. Now we have come full circle with the help of the above mentioned.

Billy's day is close and I long for a date to finally look these cowards in the face. "God is Good" As an added bonus, people have come out of the wood work to support us. Niki of "Juror Thirteen.", who has encouraged me and keeps the story up to date. Greg Katski of " Washington Daily News," who has taken the story to heart and keeps submitting wonderful articles because he cares about justice. And of course I cannot forget "Someone close but not so close anymore" This person knows with insight to the character of Vickie, they have been a staunch supporter of the Miller Family and I appreciate it. Justice4All ,you go--you are tireless, in your blog support for justice. I am going on and on-- I appreciate you all and thank you!

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  1. I definitly wouldnt do anymore then I couldnt handle or get through with anyone I may know and care for. I believe in the strength support respect and love in a family. If it wasnt for the love of mom(as some may agree) none of us would be us today.
    I have known Wendy for a short time but that short time meant alot to me and still does to this day! Any support I can give I am here for her and her family.
    I hope all is well for all of you!!!