Thursday, September 16, 2010

SEPTEMBER 16, 1972

Another year has passed brother, and we are still awaiting the end of this nightmare. You are always in our prayers and I miss you terribly. Be assured we will not let you down until the last conviction is finalized!


  1. Girls, I am so very happy you are getting the justice your Brother deserved. I have been following your journey through the legal system and know it hasn't been easy for you. You are still in my thoughts and prayers. ~Hugs~

  2. Deborah, thank you so much, it is wonderful to know that there are caring people out there. Continue to pray for us as we await Vickie's trial date. Bless you

  3. watching Dateline, 48 hours and the other shows. How sad that it takes so long to bring criminals to trial, even after the law knows who is guilty, why?