Friday, September 10, 2010



I Was Sitting Here In Heaven
And Having A Wonderful Day.
I Started Thinking About You
And All The Things I Didn’t Get A Chance To Say.
I Don’t Want You To Worry About Me
And Please Don’t Shed Any Tears,
Because I Will Wait For You In Heaven,
If It Takes A Hundred Years.
Everything I Had On Earth
I Have In Heaven Too!
My First Day Here
My Body Became Brand New.
It Is Really Pretty Here
And I Love My New Home,
Although Your Heart Is Broken
Because My Body Is Gone.
My Love Will Always Be There
As You Go Along The Way,
Just Take A Peek Inside Your Heart
There Is Where I’ll Stay.
Know That I Loved My Family
And All My Precious girls too.
My love Will Be With Each Of You
Your whole life through,

In Loving Memory Of William (Billy) Miller
Who Went Home To Be With The Lord – September 16,1972

As another year slowly fades away, we are approaching the 38th anniversary of my brother’s death.
I know I have to forgive, God knows it is hard to forgive. I am a normal person struggling to find Peace, knowing what I have to do so I can heal…trusting God to find good in the wreckage of September 16, 1972. God give me strength to endure the agony of a second trial.

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