Thursday, June 17, 2010


Angels were falling but you did not see
They fell from the heavens with their halos and white wings
The tears and cries for your father to come
Wipe your tears for he had none
No more pain or suffering as he did
The pain and agony is how he lived
He looks down on you with his smile so bright
He knows how you are feeling and soon holds you tight
Look to the heavens for you will see
Your father rewarded with his halos and white wings
You are special to have a father as you did
Happiness and laughter he was to be your best friend
But that was not to be someone stole that gift on a whim
Talk about the memories that might have been shared with him
He can hear your voices and see you that is all he can do
Close your eyes and speak to him for your dad hears and loves you too

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