Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here is another cold case that is again seeing the light of day, thanks to the never ending committment of Donna's sister Virginia. I pray that someone comes forward with any kind of information, it is never to late to experience a miracle!
I pray for this family to find justice.

Police Work to Solve Cold Cases
By Mick Trevey
MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police hope new technology and additional detective work will help them solve more than 400 previously unsolved murders in the city.

One case being investigated by the unit is the 1970 murder of Donna Willing on Milwaukee's north side. In February of that year, the 9-year-old girl left her family's home on North 33rd Street to buy a loaf of bread. A short time later, her body was found in a garage off North 51st Street.

In an interview with TODAY'S TMJ4, two of Donna Willing's sisters described the pain they still feel from the homicide. "Just that something is missing, that's how I felt, spent my whole life," said one of the sisters who asked to be identified only as Virginia. Another sister, Eileen, said "I hope and pray every day that they can find out who did this - who tore my family apart."

The women said their family is extremely grateful that the Milwaukee Police Department decided to revisit the case and review the old evidence. When Virginia found out police would renew their efforts on the case, she said, "inside, I was just stunned and just shaking."

"It's really satisfying to be able to provide the police with some information from evidence that is that old," Polakowski said. "It's good for us to be able to say, 'Well we have someone you should look at'."

Milwaukee Police will not release their most recent findings in the homicide of Donna Willing. However, they maintain the case is active and that a breakthrough development is possible.

Willing's sisters say that kind of chance has them praying for new developments. "I, at least, finally had hope after all these years," said Virginia. "Because I always felt it's hopeless before and I never knew that such things could be possible." They repeatedly said how much it means to their family that police have not forgotten about the case.

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  1. Thank you, Billy. I appreciate your words. We HAVE received our miracle after 40 years.