Thursday, September 3, 2009


1972 homicide suspect meets bail

September 03, 2009 6:35 PM
A relieved and humble Rodger Gill bailed out of the Onslow County Jail late Thursday afternoon, happy to be somewhat free, but sad for the family of the man he is accused of helping to kill.

Gill, 56, posted a $25,000 bond with the help of Albritton Bonding Company in Kinston. He will be returning to Illinois, where he was arrested in January, over the weekend.

He is one of three former Marines charged with first-degree murder in the 1972 ambush shooting of Camp Lejeune Marine Sgt. William Miller.

Gill told The Daily News he was happy to out of jail and that he felt bad for the Miller family.

His attorney, Kinston lawyer Bill Gerrans said his client was prepared to testify for the state without the benefit of a plea deal and will still testify as to what he knows about the case since he was not involved.

District Attorney Dewey Hudson said he felt it was improper for a lawyer on either side of a court case to discuss the guilt or innocence of a defendant.

“That’s for the jury to decide,” he said.

Hudson previously expressed his unhappiness with Gill’s bond being reduced from $200,000 to $25,000 earlier this week.

Gill’s co-defendants, George Hayden and Vickie Babbitt, bonded out of jail after their arrests last year.

Prosecutors say Babbitt, who was married to Miller at the time, helped Hayden lure Miller to his death on Western Boulevard. Miller was shot in the back and head with an M-16, according to crime scene and medical reports.

Babbitt and Hayden — who became a local area police chief — were married and later divorced.

The District Attorney’s Office has recently filed for Hayden and Babbitt to stand trial together. A judge has not ruled on that motion yet.

Gill was a friend of Miller’s in 1972. He escaped the attention of the original detectives working the homicide but was dragged into the spotlight last year by a former fiancĂ©e who read about Miller’s unsolved murder in The Daily News. She told investigators that Gill was at the scene in September 1972 when Miller was killed.

“I did not shoot Bill Miller,” Gill told The Daily News in a statement earlier this year. “I was not involved in any plan or conspiracy to harm Bill Miller, nor did I participate in any such act. I have had no contact with Vickie Miller Hayden Babbitt or George Hayden in more than 35 years.”


  1. Regarding: Rodger Gill bailed out of the Onslow County Jail late Thursday afternoon

    I am so sorry to hear this news - I wish just once your family would get a break and find some justice when it comes to this case.

    My heart just breaks into pieces when each new layer is peeled back and these monsters continue to roam free. The only healing we can all can count on knowing is they WILL get theirs in the end. They haven't met their final Judge. Our Lord Jesus, Our Father who art in heaven and I am certain they will also come face to face with Billy as well. Justice is mine sayeth the Lord.

    My prayers go out to your entire family - my thoughts are with each of you.

  2. Ryn Riddle,

    I also hope the Miller family gets their break, but it is also about time the Gill family got one. I think before you refer to Rodger as a monster you might want to know all the facts. Do you know what his involvement in all this was? Do you know what evidence they have on him? Well if you do, I wish you would share, cause he himself is not even sure of that. I believe Rodger is free because that is where he deserves to be and end the end, the truth will prevail. I just hope the name calling holds of til the guilty are convicted.

  3. Rodgerfan,
    As you mentioned I hope the Miller family gets closure, that's forsure, 37 years is a long time to wait.
    On the other hand Roger Gill was free for 37 years and William Miller has been dead for 37 years, he paid with his life. So, I believe Mr. Gill was free long enough and now it's time to pay the piper. Your right on one thing, the truth will prevail.

  4. God be with all. I cant wait for the truth

  5. I would first like to say that I feel very sorry for all that this family has had to go through. 37 years is a very long time to seek justice for anyone not alone someone that close and dear to your heart. However, I don't feel that it is ok to judge someone that you don't know and I can assure you that I don't feel that Roger Gill could have done anything wrong in this. I have known him all my life and that is not the kind of person he is. I know that they always say that it could be the person that you are closest to but in this case there is no way. I don't understand how anyone can judge someone that they don't even know. I wonder if this happened to them on anything how they might react or what their family might have to go through. Who knows you could have been standing right there beside someone last night or last year or even many years ago that got into a fight with someone else and just witnessed it and one of the people could have died as a result of it and then what even though you didn't know until later that the person was dead so now you should go to jail, right? I bet if it was you that you would surely not feel the same way. Maybe everyone should think before they speak and hear everything and all of the facts before they convict someone of a crime before they have even been given a fair chance to prove their innosence. Grow up people and live your own lives and don't judge people who may be innocent. What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty???? In this world I guess it should be guilty because your name was brought up. I'm sure we have all been brought up in an argument or something where our names shouldn't have been. No one really knows the facts here. Lets sit back and let it go to trial and in the end the jury and God will be the judges!
    Just so that the Miller family knows that I really do hope that you get the people that are involved in this and I do hope that justice is served full force because I couldn't imagine this being my brother or anyone close to me for that matter. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!