Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Does the term Criminal Justice mean Justice for the Criminals??

Whoever made the statement “Time heals all wounds” surely did not lose someone close in a horrifying way.
We have now approached the 37th anniversary of Billy’s death, September 16, and we are still waiting for justice. It seems we cannot get a break; we are constantly fighting for a scrap of positive news of any kind.

As stated previously, our prayers go out to the families of the accused, they are caught in the web just like our family, but do remember, the accused are not martyr’s, they are not unjustly being prosecuted, this was a crime they freely lived with for 37 years, the curtain is about to come down.

We still have no date for the three trials, and George ,Vicki and now Gill are free, enjoying the comfort of their families.
This past year has been mentally draining beyond words, caught up in the slow turning wheels of justice, knowing that it’s at your fingertips and there is nothing you can do to control any aspect of it.
Our lives have been put on hold, knowing that any day we may hear some encouraging news, not wanting to make plans for fear it will collide with a court date.
Again, our gratitude to Sheriff Ed Brown, District Attorney Hudson and Reporter Lindell Kay, these people are our heroes.

On a positive note, I was feeling down a couple of weeks ago, due to the fact, that Gill’s wife was appealing to the public for funds to bail him out, I felt sorry for the wife, and respected her attempt, but it affected me negatively.
As I waited in line at a retail store that day, a woman approached me and stated "miracles still happen if you believe" and handed me The Miraculous Medal of Mary. I was shocked, as that certainly sounded familiar!
As I strongly believe in angels, I think I met one that day. Needless to say it put my mind at ease and a smile on my face.

All the support and prayers we have received and continue to receive are too numerous to mention,, but you know who you are, we take solace knowing that Billy hears them as well.'

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