Sunday, May 12, 2013

   "Look for me through your heart"

I feel you all around, i feel you near
You are there wiping my ever tear
You wrap your loving Angel wings and arms around me
Holding me, comforting me..if only i could see
You are sitting beside me,
laughing along with m ewatching the tv
You are in the park,telling me to let myself be free
You are the sunshine that brings warmth into my days
You are the rain that is feeling when im afraid
You are there when i call out " i need you"
You help me through
You are there inside my loved ones
I can feel you, while we're having fun
I look around but i cant see you
How can i see a spirit that is see-through
But then i look inside my heart ,
there you are
and there deep inside we'll never be apart
So when i feel lost and lonely
I'll remember that you're always all around
And in my heart and memories too
Is where you'll always be found
Now you're my Guardian Angel, flying free
~ Charlene Stannard

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