Friday, October 7, 2011


Lady Justice wept today as a killer walks free.. After 38 years we rejoiced in hearing a jury convict and state the conclusive guilt of this man that I now despise with a life sentence..

You think, justice at last!!! Well, you're WRONG! Three judges on an Appeals Court decided the 12 jurors had no right to call this man guilty..Now, this man will never be held accountable for ending a life, he will again go On with his life, like he did with the other 38 free years.

You see, no one said he was an innocent man, they state they cannot put him at the scene of the crime or find the weapon. Scott Peterson is on death row, even though they could not put him at the scene of the crime, and could not find a weapon..

One is free, the other being put to death! Justice?


  1. I think Lady Justice is weeping also lately. Mr. Miller did not get the justice that was due and Mr. Hayden must have inner friends.

  2. Maybe good to have an investigation

  3. I am so sorry this has happened! It is happening in my mother's murder case too. The murderer has had 2 trials and both times was convicted. Now they say that there were 3 letters (written after the murder took place and not by any suspects) that the defense never got to see so he is probably going to get a new trial. It is crazy!! How many of our rights as victims get stomped on but the convicted felon's have all the rights??!!!