Monday, August 15, 2011

Murder conviction should be upheld

Copy of the letter I sent to the Editor of the Jacksonville News. We are still waiting for a ruling from the Supreme Court in Raleigh. We need your many prayers that this long awaited conviction is not overturned..

Murder conviction should be upheld

To the editor:

Our family deeply appreciates the The Daily News coverage of the courtroom trial that finally brought justice to our family. The North Carolina jury that convicted George Hayden was clearheaded and correct in its unanimous decision to convict.

The evidence, however circumstantial, was overwhelming and the facts of this cold-blooded killing still bring tears to our family. Our mother’s joy at his return from Vietnam was destroyed just weeks later when he was murdered.

Our family is now contending with the highly unusual finding of an appeals court that is trying to overturn the Hayden conviction because it was based on circumstantial evidence. The family of Bill Miller was never given the opportunity to attend the appeals court hearing, while Hayden was allowed to bring support.

The Supreme Court of North Carolina is now reviewing the case. We pray they will rule in favor of the judge and jury that heard this case in full detail and ruled so clearly.

Justice in this case was delayed by 40 years. Is it now to be totally denied? Can higher-ups on the judicial ladder overrule the jury process? Is circumstantial evidence never valid? Is that what this appeals court is saying? If so, a substantial number of people in jail would be released.

This is a dangerous and wrong-headed conclusion that the appeals court reached. We hope the state’s Supreme Court will not let the appeals court ruling stand.

Sharron Aguilar

Houston, Texas

Editor’s note: George Hayden was convicted in 2010 by an Onslow County jury of first-degree murder in the 1972 shooting death of Bill Miller along Western Boulevard. Sharron Aguilar is Miller’s sister.


  1. I pray Gods will in this no matter which way it goes.I pray for peace to all involved.In Jesus name Amen

  2. I was shocked to read of the possible reversal of the conviction of cold-blooded killer George Hayden.

    As an acquaintance of 1 of the Miller brothers, Chaz (from Madison), I wish to extend to Chaz and the rest of the Miller clan and their supporters my strongest support in these days of uncertainty. To have been in the valley of sorrow and heartache for so long and then to have seen the bright light of justice blaze so brightly after so many years only to have the recent appeals process stab disappointment and uncertainty back into your hearts is something that only you who have lived this type of nightmare can understand.

    My thoughts and my unwavering support are with you all.

    Daniel R. Bradley
    Personnelman Third Class, USN (1988-1992)
    U. S. S. William V. Pratt (DDG 44)
    U. S. S Santa Barbara (AE 28)

  3. The Miller family holds you as a dear friend and appreciates your support and encouragement.
    Thank you for the kind month will be the 40th anniversary and we are still fighting, we will never give up fighting for justice that our brother deserves..

  4. When the Miller boys, all Marines, went to Vietnam, they went for one cause, to stand up for a country that they loved and would have given their lives for. Coming back from Vietnam was a very hard time for these soldiers because our country did not support our troops like they should have, likewise our own government.
    Here is an opportunity for our country to finally show their support to a Marine that was killed in cold blood by two fellow Marines and a former Marine.
    We are all waiting to see if justice is served, the Miller family is waiting to see if Mr. Miller can finally rest in peace.
    I have a feeling that Sgt. William Miller is fighting from the other side.
    I for one am praying that this family will get their justice and I pray that the Supreme Court will have judges that support keeping Mr. Hayden locked up and locked up for good.

  5. I cannot believe this mess is still happening to the Miller family. what is wrong with our justice department that would allow afew judges to overturn a decision that was made by jury members?
    If one of their sons or daughters would have been killed in this way I could only imagine how different the outcome would have been.