Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Thoughts, emotions, . For every murder victim, there are many more whose lives are altered by the death of their friend or loved one.

The fact that someone could ‘take’ the life of a loved one presents those left behind with the almost unendurable prospect of not just living onwards past the event, a journey common to all who have been bereaved and the pain involved, but to living with the atrocity of what’s happened to alter your lives.

Here we are, 23 days before our scheduled trip to Jacksonville, apprehensive yet nagging in the back of our minds the possibility of a postponement.
I had no idea the roadblocks the family has to deal with, unbelievable. Much to my dismay, I find if the date is changed at the last moment, there is no recourse for the money paid for plane fare, NOW if you are on a jury or if you receive a subpoena, no problem, you are covered, but if you are the victim or the family, no!no insurance available to you.

As stated before, our prayers also include the families of the three suspects, they did not ask for this nightmare which has left their lives forever altered also.


  1. My heart and prayers to both family and suspects.What about the money the suspects have to pay?Not only air fare but bail and lawyer fees. "What If They Are Innocent What Have They Lost??"

  2. There are victims on both sides of this case and I pray for all of them!