Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It looks like we are getting closer to a date for Billy's case, of course there
will be all kinds of last minute postponements which is to be expected, but
at least we can start to get out lives back.

Prosecutors said with 22 accused of murder and awaiting trial, they hoped to clear room on the court calendar, giving defendants the speedy trial they deserve and providing closure for families.

The trial date for 58-year-old Oregon resident Vickie Babbitt was set for March 15. She is facing first-degree murder charges in the 1972 shooting death of her husband, Marine Sgt. William Miller.

Her co-defendants — Rodger Gill and former local police chief and Babbitt’s ex-husband George Hayden — are to have their trial dates set Wednesday, December 9. A motion by prosecutors to try Babbitt and Hayden together has not been ruled on by a judge

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