Monday, October 12, 2009


Lindell will continue to report the news as it happends, but the cold case assignment has come to an end. He was to write an article on each cold case file in Onslow County and that has been completed with honors. When I speak of Lindell, I speak of a wonderful, honest, dedicated reporter that gave our family hope after 36years. Our case would never have been given new life if it were not for finding Off the Cuff on line and looking at the list of names appearing on Onslow County’s Cold Case Files. Not finding my brothers name, I contacted Lindell and asked him to include my brother’s name, William Miller, the rest of the story is the beginning of our blog and the continued fight for justice.

The victims of cold cases are called "The forgotten Victims", as it is now, agencies do not have the funds or man power to dedicate to these cases. countless families are experiencing the grief of not knowing where their loved ones are or having a loved one murdered and no one brought to justice for closure.
Lindell has given a ray of light to those still begging for help, cold case victims are constantly set aside.

Without a voice, who will listen?
It goes without saying, how much our family is in debt to Lindell and the Jacksonville News. Hero is a four letter word that comes to mind when describing the gratitude of the Miller Family to Cyndi Brown for encouraging Lindell to start his column.

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  1. Lindell is an angel brought to our family through God &'s not by accident that Sharron found's not by accident that Lindell's Off The Cuff cold case blog & JD News covered Billy's story and it's not by accident that 3 people were arrested and charged with murder, this is called God's plan! Lindell was the vehicle to many people who need closure and the Angel to the family's left behind.