Monday, May 18, 2009


As justice starts it’s slow journey, the emotional, physical, psychological and financial ramifications of a crime can be devastating to the family left to deal with the daily fight for justice.
While Criminals have a whole list of constitutional rights, victims are in most
cases left out in the cold. We ask, how can justice be obtained by hearing” the truth , the whole truth, and Nothing but the truth” when the families do not seem to be heard?
Every painful step of the way, it becomes evident that the families feature little in this process

The “whys’ and hows’ are withheld from the family, necessary so it seems, to safeguard the prosecution case.

There is so much to cope with, the investigation, the arrest, the court appearances and finally the trial.process.
As the trials start, the family has to sit in a courtroom and try to control their
emotions while they face the person accused of murdering their loved one, this is so the jury will not be swayed.. They have to be silent and endure the Defense Attorney tearing their loved one apart. They have to be patient while the Defense files again and again for court changes. When the accused is found guilty and the judge pronounces the sentence, it is not a true sentence, as the criminal becomes eligible for parole in one-half or one-third of the length of the sentence.

More resources need to be made available for all families of murder victims, In a perfect world, the victims have as many rights as the accused.


  1. What if the acuused is innocent. He is yanked away from his family stuck in jail with rights stripped away. Cant get dr when he needs it and cant see their family. I really pray this family gets their closure,just not at the cost of an innocent man. God bless all involved.


  3. If this were your family you would want closure too. I have been anonymous until now but you are rude! death is a hard thing to go through,especially if it is an unsolved murder.I pray they get it.But right now there is an innocent man sitting in jail. this need to be finished after 37 years.God be with all involved.

  4. Blg, you think that an innocent man was in jail, must be your husband. Hopefully your right, because if your wrong, your living with a murderer and God help all involved!