Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Seeing the picture of the three suspects in the courtroom is a look at local justice from the inside and ouside. Out family will get what they have been waiting for all these years, JUSTICE.

In order to achieve JUSTICE, it is essential to know the truth, the truth is stronger than fiction and fiction is what is constantly coming out of their mouth, every time they open it.

Gill will have a bond hearing Monday, his attorney thinks his bond should be smaller, as he has few assets!!

I am Rodger Gill. I know William “Bill” Miller. Years ago, we in the same unit in the US Marines Corps. I shared quarters in the off base housing,with Bill, his, wife Vickie, and their little girl Wendy. Bill and I were friends.

I did not shoot Bill Miller. I was not involved in any plan or conspiracy to harm Bill Miller, nor did I participate in any such act.

I have had no contact with Vickie Miller Hayden Babbitt or George Hayden in more than 35 years. I do not understand why I am charged with these crimes. I was arrested as I was being released from the hospital for knee surgey. I have not received the rehabilitation treatment I needed for my knee. I fear my knee may never heal. This ordeal hurts me deeply.

I hope and pray that the Justice System in Onslow County, North Carolina is fair, as I am innocent of these charges. I did not harm Bill Miller in any way.

Yours Truly,
Rodger Gill

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  1. O my ya poor thing ur knee feels like 1 big owchie boo! Imagine being denied a full life just because of a dum broad who worked not only her dead husband but her new boyfriend and u his dum azz buddy. I hope prison life robs u of your sanity, dignity and sense of well being. You had nothing to gain except probaly a cut in the insurance. I wonder if ya think its still worth it, lol bet not. I pray all 3 rot and die in prison.