Wednesday, April 1, 2009


As anyone who knows me or saw the Dateline story, with out a doubt, know that I believe in Angels! They have guided my life since I can remember, watching out for me and my family.

I always ask them to surround the plane when I fly, because I don't like flying. They whispered in my ear it was time to again pursue justice for Billy. They guided me to Lindell Kay and again when two arrests were made three weeks after I contacted him and one week before the Anniversary of Billy's death. They will be there during our three trials to see that justice is carried out. They guide my life and comfort me in so many ways daily!

"Angel" in Biblical Hebrew is mal'ak . Its main meaning is "messenger".
For thousands of years people have looked up in the hope of seeing an Angel. In times of strife or confusion people have always looked to the Angels for comfort and reassurance. Children's bedtime prayers ask the Angels to watch over them. These celestial messengers of Peace & Love remind us that there is always hope. The Angels Michael, Gabriel and Moroni are familiar to man, but there is an increasing interest in Angels that bring Special Blessings. Angels are positive affirmations of faith and enhance the power of prayer. Many doctors have begun to recognize the healing power of prayer and are prescribing it as part of their patients treatment. Angels are a wonderful way to support a Loved One's recovery. They are celestial beings who are constantly in God’s presence.

Each of us has an invisible Guardian Angel who watches over us and intervenes in the nick of time. Many Miracles have been attributed to these celestial beings. Many people have become Angel Collectors and are always looking for that special Angel piece. You can never have too many Angels around you!
As we enter the second Millennium, more and more people are reporting contact with Angels. Not since the Middle Ages has there been such an outpouring affection for these heavenly beings.

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