Friday, March 6, 2009


About week ago I was watching the HBO movie “Taking Chance”with Kevin Bacon. About a Marine officer who volunteered to escort a fallen marine home.

This on my part was not a good idea as I got pretty teary eyed. As I am watching this movie, my mind goes back 36 years , preparing for the departure to my brothers funeral. I see the caring respectful way the military morgue handles the body, preparing for their final resting place, making sure the dress Blues are perfect and all ribbons in place. As the departure begins, my mind goes back to our family at the airport, preparing to leave for Washington DC. As we were flying, the airplane was cold, I remember thinking is Billy on a plane about the same time, and is he cold also, is any one with him? The movie answered a lot of my questions after all these years.
The body is never alone, it is always treated with respect and dignity. As we arrived in Washington the day before the burial, it was one of the saddest days of our lives. Brother David was in horrible shape, not only had he lost his brother, but a few months earlier he lost his beloved infant daughter to a crib death. We were a sad lost bunch.
As we left for Arlington National Cemetery where my father is buried, we wondered what lay ahead. We watched as the wagon carried his flag draped casket, as it was removed and taken to it's resting place, the gun salute, it was all a blur, something out of a horror movie, not believing but forever burned into our memory.
After seeing this movie which was very moving and informative, I am at ease knowing my
brother was in the good hands of a loving Marine brother. For anyone who has lost a loved one in the military, this movie will put you at ease, as far as respect shown your loved one.
As stated below by a Marine brother: " Bill will always be my Marine Brother,......that is the creed and it is comforting to those of us left " Semper Fidelis

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