Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I wanted to personally thank everyone, who wrote with encouraging coments and offers of prayers for justice. You continue to amaze me, it brings me to my knees, to feel the love and support for my family, I cannot thank you enough. I also wanted to thank Dateline, Vince, Keith Morrison and everyone associated with bringing Billy's story to millions of people, they did an awesome job.
Those angels are working overtime!
The following is one comment that especially touched my heart. It is important to me because it comes from a brother Marine, which was Billy's great love.

I am a Vietnam Marine whom served in “I Corps, ” like your brother William; I may have even served with him on operations? He is lucky to have a resolute family that refuses to let him be swept away in time. No one left behind! We Marines are tied together by a strong brotherhood that never dies; the coward, whom hid in ambush for William, is indeed a coward and no longer can bear the title of Marine; He relinquished that title the day he plotted to cut down a brother of our beloved Corps~! I was forced to retire from the Corps due to wounds 67/68 and had a loving wife and family to bring me fully home. Our prayers are with your family and we pray that after these many years, justice will prevail and that inner peace and a sense of closure will come to all of you. Our Marine families know more than others on how to tend to the wounds that bind us all together. You have brought your brother to many people and forever touched our lives; You have shown him to be an honorable father trying to keep his family together by going into harms way. God rest his soul! May peace and a sense of closure find you all! Semper fi, Well done!

Bill will always be my Marine Brother,......that is the creed and it is comforting to those of us left behind;
William had honor and that is something his killers wouldn't even know to spell! I bet he is still standing watch over all of you and his pride in your initiative sustains him.
Peace and Solidarity,

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  1. As I sat and watched Wendy speak of things lost.....I cried. As I sat and tried to explain to my own children who exactly all those pictures and memories are to them and who is their family and who we are to all of you.....I cried even more.
    Really all I could think was how valueable our lives are to us and our children everyday. That in our lives we get only one true thing that we all know and believe strongly in , family.
    William Miller...RIP I am sorry you couldnt be here to see how beautiful your family is and how strong they are for you.
    Im here for all of you and thank you for joinning me as well in this journey of what Im starting to think is family support ,love and for you ,hope for your prayers to be answered.