Monday, March 16, 2009


We must treasure and honor the memories of the dead. We must tell their stories and make sure they are not forgotten. We must keep close to our hearts, the memories we have . We must tell the children stories of our loved one. The path of grief is difficult and lonely. It is not easy to know what to do or how to do it, we all stumble down that path in our own way. As I mentioned previously, the loss of Billy has affected so many lives, it has brought his memory
into the lives of our children who did not have the honor of knowing Billy, but regardless still
feel the sting of his loss.
Sister Georgia's son Kenneth, was just six years old at the time of his death, he does not remember him, but strongly voices his feelings for justice, upon viewing Dateline's story.
he remarked--

I thought Kimberly, Tamara, Wendy and my Aunt Sharron did an outstanding job being interviewed. I never met my Uncle Billy, I was just 6 when he died. My mother told me what she knew about his death a long time ago. It angered me knowing it was unsolved and suspicious in nature, and not having the closure to the obvious answer why made it worse. It now seems he was killed because someone wanted revenge for the beating he received for stealing my Uncle's family and his money, and his own wife was a more than willing accomplice. And to think this individual was allowed to become a chief of police? Oh what sick pride these two must have had, needing his blood to satisfy their wounded egos. The saddest part of the story is all the families whom this act effected, and how my Uncle could receive the honor of Arlington National Cemetery for serving his country, but couldn't receive the help his case needed until 36 years later, and only then because of the love of his sister who couldn't accept the case staying closed.

I got angry all over again watching Dateline, and It was hard to edit my words for the blog I responded to, but until the case is brought to court I didn't want to express all that ugliness that I feel towards his killers. I don't even like using their names. How the military could have dropped the ball on his case is regrettable. It seems ridiculous, to think that a case like this would go unsolved today, with just the circumstantial evidence alone. ,I didn't even know an M - 16 was used in the crime until I recently read it, there had to have been a short list of people, even back then, who would have access to that weapon, and how that was overlooked or thrown away I'll never understand. Her calling him to meet her prior to his murder should have sealed it as well.

I hate to think they are clever enough to have killed him and concealed it, that's why I feel the ball was dropped because these people are no brain surgeons. Billy kicked his ass, and for good reason, and G couldn't live with that so he wanted Billy dead. The other stuff about the money and Child custody was in my opinion secondary, and only thought of after he had already made his mind up to kill Billy. Coward!

The police chief thing shows he likes having power and control over people, and that he presumably took great pains to make sure this never came back to haunt him. Given his background, I'm at a lost how he even got the job being a prime murder suspect. The whole thing disgusts me.

I was so proud of you and my cousins, it takes some nerve letting the world come into your life I'm sure.

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