Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tamara sent me a message stating that her husband Chad's mother, did a wonderful
thing for her and her sisters for Christmas. She gave the girls a beautiful locket as a rememberance of their father. What a loving gift, I can't think of anything they would cherish more.
Her mother-in-law has a blog named "The Happy News Lady" and to quote her blog-
"When I saw the small oval locket whose cover was engraved with "In My Heart Forever'" I knew what to do immediately. It was like spiritual CPR....I ordered three! The Angels will go before those girls to clear and pave the way, for Justice to come finally for William Billy Miller, Their Father who was physically stolen forever. They grew up without him. Yet here we are full circle, battling evil with Love..... We all know which one always wins....especially with agreement."
You can find more on this story at her blog.
I personally wanted to thank her for this wonderful jesture!

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  1. . . . what a powerful and soul wrenching story of betrayal and truth. Thank you for bringing this story, in all its pain - into my life.