Friday, December 12, 2008


I wanted to express some of my concerns and emotions,. There has been a lot of negative remarks about Billy’s character, I know in a case like this, positive and negative remarks are always surfacing. The innocent victims on both sides are naturally defending their loved ones which is the way it is expected to be, also, the speculation innocent until proven guilty has to be of utmost importance.
That being said, people commenting do not know my brother or my family, and to bashthe witness that came forward whether it was now or 36 years later, do not know her circumstances either, all I know is that I and my family will be eternally grateful to her and I feel the need to defend her also.
They bash Billy’s daughter Wendy, who has always been an innocent victim, she grew up without a father as did Billy’s other two daughters Kimberly and Tamara, this was not their choice, two people were Billy’s judge and jury and he was not given a fair trial and his sentence was death!
Now I state two people, we have known all along whom the suspects were, and yes, I know the term suspect does not mean they are guilty. They will have their day in court and most will not welcome the verdict, but will have to abide by it that is the law! Who am I to disagree with that, but I do know in my heart what the verdict will be, I have no doubt. This is my opinion which I am entitled to.
My main issue here is that my family is being treated like criminals; Billy has been accused of everything from being involved in drugs to having a marriage of convenience 70’s style and having a personal gun, which a large majority of Americans do.
Let me set some things straight, I spoke with my brother which I might add, was the last time, and was informed he had just arrived home from Okinawa to find George living with Vickie. He tearfully regretted not being able to visit Madison to see his other daughters which he dearly missed and giving my mother the opportunity to meet and hold her granddaughter Wendy His main concern at the time was Wendy, he was going to hire an attorney for a divorce and fight for custody.
I might add, seeing my mother, did not happen until Wendy was 18 years old, due to the fact Vickie kept her from my mother and our family. We respect the fact that Vickie is her mother regardless and we know she has good memories and well as bad and we would never expect her to brush those aside. We love her dearly and grieve for the years that were lost.
My brother was accepted into Officers school, he would never do anything illegal or inappropriate to hurt this, as this was his dream, he was so proud and looking forward to it.
All said, people are entitled to their opinions, I respect that, but I have to defend my family, nothing will ever give back what they have lost, including the death of our mother, which was directly related to her son’s death.
The arrest of George and Vickie has brought our family closer, our children and Grandchildren who had only heard about Uncle Billy are now involved with the case, showing love and support and proud of belonging to the Miller family!
So, in ending, let it be said, we love our brother, we are proud of him, we will never give up achieving justice for him, and good WILL overcome with God’s help!



  1. Hi Sharron, I'm with you. Don't worry, the ONLY people bashing anyone are the people who are George's and Vickie's family members who just must be bowled over by the whole thing.
    I am grateful for the witness who came forward and I can well understand how frightened for their lives both witnesses may have been. After all, George being the Police chief had a lot of clout. Bit like asking Foxie to take a nice bowl of mash in to the chickens!!!!!

    This will take a bit of time, but it is certainly hurting both of them in the pocket book!!!!

    Best of luck. There's always a bit of a lull after the initial wave of events, things will work out. Keep up the good work.

    justice4all (from the site)

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I do feel sorry for the families of George and Vickie, they are caught up in all this mess,
    which they have been lied to all their lives,
    not easy to swallow.
    My main concern is justice, my brother is entitled to his day in court.
    Thank you again for your kind words.

  3. If it wasnt for choices made 36 years ago none of this would be happening. So they need to look at Vicki and Goerge and bash them for the choices that they made back then as they did. He didnt have a choice the day he passed , someone made that choice for him. Now he is not here and they want to bash him for who he was? Sounds like a cop-out for the fear of whats going on , easier to blame someone who isnt here to defend themselves then to ask questions of the ones that knew him best when he was taken from all of you.
    They will be asked in court of their actions and hopefully all this will go quick and easy for all of you.
    Your family is only getting bigger and stronger each and everyday from all strive on strength and hold yourselves together with love and prayers and all will come in due time.
    Have a wonderful xmas with your family and dont forget what holds a family strong , family. Merry Christmas to all of you from my family to all of yours!!!!

  4. Thank you Anonymous for your words of encouragement, it is greatly appreciated. It is good to know we have friends out there, we are going to need your support when the trials roll around. God Bless you and your family. Sharron